OpenAssistantGPT Pricing

How much does OpenAssistantGPT cost? OpenAssistantGPT offer many pricing plan but you can start using it for free. You can easily build a usable chatbot for free but you'll have to upgrade to a higher plan if you want customizations.

features details

Basic configuration: With this feature you can change most colors and text within the chatbot.

User Inquiries: This feature will display a form to the user talking to the chatbot and ask him to enter an email and a questions. Then you'll receive a email to let you know you have a new question.

Branding customization: This feature allow you to remove the "Powered by OpenAssistantGPT"

Chat File attachments: The user chatting can add file in the chat for analysis. You can add a CSV or any other type of files and the assistant will analyse it.

Here's our four pricing plans:

Free Plan

The FREE plan is perfect for individuals who need basic access. This plan includes:

  • 1 chatbot

  • 1 crawler

  • 3 files

  • 500 messages per month

This plan does not offer customization, user inquiries, branding customization, or chat file attachments. It is completely free of charge.

Basic Plan

The BASIC plan is suitable for users with more demanding needs. This plan includes:

  • 9 chatbots

  • 9 crawlers

  • 27 files

  • Unlimited messages

  • Basic customization

  • User Inquiries

This plan offers basic customization and user inquiries but does not include branding customization or chat file attachments. It also provides premium support. The price for this plan is $9 per month.

Pro Plan

The PRO plan is designed for professional users who need extensive resources. This plan includes:

  • 27 chatbots

  • 27 crawlers

  • 81 files

  • Unlimited messages

  • Basic Customizations

  • User Inquiries

  • Branding customization

  • Chat File attachments

This plan offers comprehensive features including basic customization, user inquiries, branding customization, chat file attachments, and premium support. The price for this plan is $27 per month.

Enterprise Plan

The ENTERPRISE plan is designed for big business. It includes any feature from all other plans and custom price based on your requirements. Contact the team at and we will send you your custom price.