OpenAssistantGPT Files

The file upload feature allows you to upload a file to be used for training your chatbot. This process boost the chatbot's knowledge and capabilities by giving him additional information from the uploaded file. You can select and upload a relevant file that contain specific information for your use case, which the system will then use to train the chatbot, improving its responses and interactions based on the content of the file.

To upload a file on our platform, follow these steps:

Please be aware that only files with the following valid extensions can be uploaded to the system: 'c', 'cpp', 'csv', 'docx', 'html', 'java', 'json', 'md', 'pdf', 'php', 'pptx', 'py', 'rb', 'tex', 'txt', 'css', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'js', 'gif', 'png', 'tar', 'ts', 'xlsx', 'xml', and 'zip'. Uploading files with unsupported extensions will be denied.