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Build your own chatbot with OpenAI Assistant

An open source platform for building chatbot with the Assistant API. We offer seamless integration for effortlessly incorporating a chatbot into your website.


Test our chatbot assistant

Ask any question about OpenAssistantGPT to our chatbot powered by OpenAI Assistant API and see how it responds. You can also try the chatbot buttom right of the window.


Build your own chatbot with OpenAI's assistant. Give us the URL to crawl and we finish the job.

OpenAI Assistants

We use OpenAI Assistant to power our chatbots. You can use GPT-4, GTP-3.5 and GPT-4o

Easy integration

Only include few lines of code in your website to make the chatbot work.

User Inquiry

User can enter contact information with a question and you can collect leads.

Fully open source

You can find the code on Github

Bring your API key

No extra charge, you get billed directly by OpenAI.

File Attachments

You can attach a file CSV, XML, Images etc... in the chat and the chatbot will analyse it.

Compatible with your Platform

Effortlessly integrate with the most popular website platforms.


Low code and easy to implement

Our chatbot requires very low amount of code to implement in it in your website. You can follow our documentation to see how to implement our chatbot in your website.

code example

Proudly Open Source

OpenAssistantGPT is open source and powered by open source software.
The code is available on GitHub.


An Open-Source SaaS Platform for Crafting Chatbots with OpenAI's Assistant.

Updated 2023

Pick the perfect plan for you

All plans include everything that is required to build a chatbot.



Perfect for personal projects, experiments, or simply getting familiar with our powerful tools.

  • 1 Chatbot
  • 1 Crawler
  • 3 Files
  • 500 Messages per Month



For organizations that require collaboration and deploy multiple chatbots.

  • 9 Chatbots
  • 9 Crawlers
  • 27 Files
  • ✓ Customizations
  • ✓ Unlimited Messages
  • ✓ Client Inquiry / Collect Leads



Tailored solutions for large-scale operations and advanced requirements.

  • 27 Chatbots
  • 27 Crawlers
  • 81 Files
  • ✓ Customizations
  • ✓ Unlimited Messages
  • ✓ Client Inquiry / Collect Leads
  • ✓ Remove 'Powered by OpenAssistantGPT'
  • ✓ Client File Attachment



Custom plan for bigger enterprise. Contact the team for more information.

  • ✓ X Chatbots
  • ✓ X Crawlers
  • ✓ X Files
  • ✓ All Features from other plans.