What's new in OpenAssistantGPT?

Version 0.2.24
🎉 We now support gpt-4o-mini
We support the latest model from OpenAI, gpt-4o-mini. This model is faster and cheaper.
Version 0.2.23
🚀 Add option to configure max number of pages to crawl
This feature will allow you to configure the maximum number of pages to crawl. This will prevent the crawler from crawling too many pages and using too much resources.
Version 0.2.22
🚀 Exports now contain user IP
Exports now contain the user IP. This will allow you to see the IP of the user who sent the message in the export.
🐛 Chat history was displaying thread name after doing a click in the ui
Issue was fixed and now the chat history is displaying the thread name correctly.
Version 0.2.21
🎉 Chat History
You can now enable the chat history in customization settings. This will allow the user to see his previous messages in the chatbot. The chat history will be displayed in the chatbot window.
Version 0.2.20
🎉 Network Security
You can now make chatbot fully private, only accessible by your IP. This will prevent unauthorized access to your chatbot. You can also ban specific IPs from accessing the chatbot.
Version 0.2.19
🎉 Multiple line text input instead of single line
Now the text input in the chatbot is a multiple line input. This will allow you to write longer messages in the chatbot. The input will grow as you write more text.
🎉 Input style
You can now choose default input style or max width input style in the chatbot. This will allow you to choose the style of the input in the chatbot.
Version 0.2.18
🎉 User message attachments
We now use message instead of updating the thread. This will allow you to attach files to a message. The chatbot will then analyse the file and provide a response. You'll get better result
Version 0.2.17
🎉 Default messages
You can now set default messages for your chatbot. This will allow you to set a message that will be displayed when the chatbot is loaded. You can set this message in the chatbot IFRAME url.
Version 0.2.16
🎉 Create new modal for the OpenAI configuration
Now when you need to configure OpenAI, a new modal will be displayed. This will allow you to configure OpenAI without leaving the page.
Version 0.2.15
🚀 Chatbox UX Improvements
Now the text size is smaller in the chatbox. This will allow you to see more messages in the chatbox. The header is also sticky when you scroll down. This will allow you to always see the chatbox header.
🐛 Fix issue in mobile when link was too long
We add a new CSS rule to prevent the link from overflowing the chatbox. Now the link will be displayed on multiple lines if it is too long.
Version 0.2.14
🚀 Hangle Right to Left languages
We now support right to left languages in the chatbot. This will allow you to use languages like Arabic, Hebrew and more.
Version 0.2.13
🚀 Improve how file attachments works
Better UX when uploading files in the chatbot. We now display the file name and we can also remove the file from the chat.
Version 0.2.12
🚀 Add validation for the max_completion_tokens and max_prompt_tokens
In the advanced settings of your chatbot, you can now configure the max_completion_tokens and max_prompt_tokens. We added validation to prevent you from entering a value lower than 256. This will prevent the chatbot from returning an error when the value is too low.
Version 0.2.11
🎉 Messages Export
This feature is created for exporting messages from your chatbot. This feature will generate a JSON file with all the messages received by a chatbot.
Version 0.2.10
🎉 Copy to clipboard feature
Now you can copy to your clipboard the chatbot response by clicking on the copy icon in the chat.
🚀 We added Z index on the chatbot HTML code
This will prevent the chatbot from being hidden by other elements on the page.
Version 0.2.9
🎉 Configure max_completion_tokens and max_prompt_tokens
Now in the advanced settings of your chatbot, you can configure the max_completion_tokens and max_prompt_tokens. This will allow you to control the number of tokens used in the completion and prompt.
🐛 Fix issue while customizing the chatbot could create infinite loading
Now we can update the chatbot customization without having an infinite loading issue.
Version 0.2.8
🎉 You can now unsubscribe from marketing emails
New feature to unsubscribe from marketing emails. You can now manage your communication preferences in the settings page.
Version 0.2.7
🎉 Free trials!
You can now try our basic and pro plan for free for 7 days. It will give you access to all the features of the plan.
🎉 Enable auto scroll in chatbox
We re-enabled the auto scroll in the chatbox. This will make the chatbox scroll to the bottom when a new message is received.
Version 0.2.6
🎉 Chat file attachments
User in the chat can now upload files, images and more to the chatbot. The chatbot will then analyse the file and provide a response. It uses the "code_execution" function in OpenAI
🎉 Display images generated by Assistant in the chat
When the assistant generates an image, it will now be displayed in the chat.
🚀 Chatbotjs script now migrates you to the latest version
You will automaticly get migrated to our iframe version of the chatbot when you use the chatbotjs script.
🚀 Removed 3$ pricing plans
For a better futur of the project we are removing the 3$ pricing plans. With Stripe fees, taxes and server costs we can not sustain this pricing plan. Users who already have this pricing plan will keep it and still pay 3$.
Version 0.2.5
🎉 Change Chatbot Logo image in chatbox
You can now update Chatbot Logo in the Chatbox, this will help you to personalize your chatbot even more.
Version 0.2.4
🎉 Improve chatbot bubbles
Improve design of chatbot bubbles on user's reply.
🚀 Improve UX for chatbot
Remove auto focus on input after message.
Version 0.2.3
🎉 New Client Side Prompt in Chatbox IFrame
It is now possible to use client side prompt on your chatbot for more personalization depending on the context. Heres's how you can use it '&clientSidePrompt=You are currently talking to {User X} help him to understand the book {Book Name X}.' You can find more information in our documentation.
Version 0.2.2
🎉 New Chatbox UI in IFrame
You can now embed the chatbox in your website using an IFrame. This will prevent CSS conflicts and provide a smoother user experience.
Version 0.2.1
🎉 Display LaTex Math function in the chat
When you ask your chatbot to output math function and starting them with $$ it will display math function in LaTex style. Here's what your prompt should look like to display LaTex: 'Display a math function in latex and the function text must always start with $$'
Version 0.2.0
🎉 New Chatbot Window UI
We improved UI to make it look better. We also now have an integration via IFrame which means no more CSS conflicts and a smoother user experience.
Version 0.1.2
🎉 Import Assistant from OpenAI
You can now import an assistant that you've trained on OpenAI in our app without having to recreate everything.
Version 0.1.1
🎉 Email notifications
We now have email notifications! You'll receive an email when you receive a new user inquiry.
🚀 Improve list of valid file extensions
Update the list of valid file extensions to match OpenAI list.
Version 0.1.0
🎉 New dashboard tile
You can now see your recent user inquiry and chatbot errors in the main dashboard.
🎉 Chatbot Error Tracking
We now track chatbot errors and display them in the dashboard. We this feature you can easily see what went wrong and fix it.